About Us

About Us

Dostrata is a boutique consultancy based in Germany, Europe assisting international companies to enter the EMEA market. Dostrata consultants are German and American.

Dostrata offers fully flexible services and can advise at all stages of a company’s entry strategy, project manage a full business start-up through to managing the front and back office operations of the new entity.

Dostrata core consultancy services are in the areas of: Strategic & Business Planning, Finance & Accounting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Development, HR, Legal, Recruitment, Supply Chain, Logistics and Distribution, Marketing, Market Research, IT & Network Support, Purchasing & Procurement, Property Search, Importing & Exporting, Programme & Project Management, Support, Executive Leadership Development & Training.

Where Dostrata does not have specialist consultants we have carefully chosen partners in the areas of: Regulatory Affairs, Technical and Specialized Product Translations, Law firm specializing in immigration, import/export trading company, executive search. These partners are all tried and tested and fall under the umbrella of Dostrata one stop shop services.

A key benefit for international companies is Dostrata language capabilities. There will be no confusion trying to communicate with a non-English speaker as Dostrata has various native English speakers along with a host of multilingual staff.

Experience shows us that a common path followed by a successful new entrant to the EMEA market, in tandem with our services, is:

  • Initial feasibility Study
  • Market entry Business Planning Services
  • Market entry Business Planning Execution Support
  • General Consultancy and Business Services Support
  • Full Management of a Start-up
  • Cost Control
  • Easy to use and quicker Sale
  • a general strategic Approach


Dostrata offers a single point of contact entry solution, coordinating between multiple European and Global service providers. Dostrata´s focus is on easing the customer experience, by offering a value add ‘one stop shop’ single point of contact type solution to simplify entering the EMEA market; and assist, where necessary throughout the entire business cycle.